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High-Level Baseball. Affordable Price.

Over the past several decades, high-level baseball programming has become inaccessible to low to moderate-income families. According to USA Today, on average, American families pay $3,700 per child to participate on travel teams and upwards of $8,000 per year to afford the ancillary costs associated with high-level baseball.

Pittsburgh Hardball Academy provides the same high-level baseball opportunities to our youth, for little to no cost to their families. In 2023-24, we will have the following programming:


  • Regional Travel Baseball teams (13U, 14U, 16U & 18U)

  • BASEPATH Training & Development Program

  • Community Clinics, hosted at the Pittsburgh Hardball Academy Training & Education Center


  • The coaching staff selects tournaments to maximize college exposure for our student-athletes. Regional tournaments give our student-athletes to other communities outside of Pittsburgh, while local tournaments allow us to alleviate the cost burden associated with overnight hotel stays. 

  • Regional and local teams are determined through a formal tryout process (free), and players are placed on the regional or local team depending on skill level, commitment, and team availability, amongst other factors. 

  • Players on the regional and local teams receive the following:

    • Fall, Winter, and spring training and development (at least two practices a week)

    • Pittsburgh Hardball Academy Indoor Facility Membership

    • Free teen membership with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Western Pennsylvania

    • College recruiting advisement and assistance
    • Physical training & development with 210ths Speed & Agility & Blaze Sports Performance

    • Prep Baseball Report (PBR) Scout Day / Showcase

    • Opportunities to attend selected showcases at significantly subsidized rates

    • Summer tournaments

    • Fall ball League/Games

    • Volunteer/community service hours

    • Social enrichment programming

    • Academic enrichment programming

At Pittsburgh Hardball Academy, our staff handles the recruiting process in-house, empowering our student-athletes to take their future into their own hands. To date, Pittsburgh Hardball Academy has helped over 40 student-athletes have achieved their goal of playing at the next level.


All players & families will be consulted on the college recruiting process. Seminars will be hosted to walk through the key steps during the recruiting process (including a review of the NCAA & NAIA Eligibility Center requirements).

Recruiting videos are filmed and edited for all student-athletes by the Pittsburgh Hardball Academy Coaching Staff. The coaching staff includes current and former college coaches and professional independent league coaches.


Student-athletes will have the chance to attend elite college showcases at little to no cost. Past showcases have included: 

  • Prep Baseball Report Showcases

  • Ed Santa Showcase

  • Prospectwire Showcases

  • Prospect Select / 726 Sports Showcases

  • Anderson Monarchs / Phillies Youth Academy Diamonds in the Rough Showcase

NCAA Eligibility 

Our team prepares assists student-athletes are their families navigate the NCAA Eligibility Center, an academic requirement to be able to participate in colleigeate athletics. 


All players will have common baseball measurables tested by our staff. This includes:

  • 60-yard dash

  • Exit Velocity

  • Positional Velocity 

  • Pitchers Velocity

  • Other Measurables as Requested by College Coaches


  • Open to all below 13 years old; practices are separated by age group

  • BASEPATH Training & Development Program participants will receive the following:

    • Fall, Winter & Spring Training & Development (at least two practices a week)

    • Pittsburgh Hardball Academy Indoor Facility Membership

    • Free teen membership with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Western Pennsylvania

    • Optional volunteer/community service opportunities

    • Optional social enrichment programming

    • Optional academic enrichment programming

***BASEPATH NOTE: The BASEPATH program provides more flexibility & opportunities for players to get meaningful game reps in their recreational teams while continuing to develop with Pittsburgh Hardball Academy. 8-12-year-old players have well utilized this program in preparation for trying out for the Pittsburgh Hardball Academy teams when they are of age. In addition, high school players who do not play travel ball have used this program to train and prepare for their high school seasons. 


  • Open to all ages; clinics are separated by age group

  • All indoor clinics are hosted at the Pittsburgh Hardball Academy Training Center

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