Pittsburgh Hardball Academy is a non-profit mentoring organization that strives to enrich the lives of youth in the Greater Pittsburgh area via the games of baseball and softball. Our goal is to remove barriers to entry while increasing diversity, equity & inclusion in the game to create positive outcomes on the field, in the community, and in life. We serve student-athletes from a variety of backgrounds, neighborhoods, and income levels. While Pittsburgh Hardball Academy is open for all, we maintain an intent focus on accessibility and delivery of our program for underserved and underrepresented youth.


Over the past several decades, high-level baseball programming has become inaccessible to low to moderate-income families. According to USA Today (1), on average, American families pay $3,700 per child to participate on travel teams and upwards $8,000 per year to afford the ancillary costs associated with high-level baseball.


In addition, families pay hundreds of dollars for individualized training and are often left on their own during the college search process. As a result, underrepresented youth, particularly those in minority communities, have effectively been priced out of the sport, eliminating the many opportunities baseball presents to enrich the lives of youth. 

Pittsburgh Hardball Academy strives to break down these barriers to increase diversity & inclusion in the games of baseball and softball while using the sports as a conduit to develop well-rounded young men & women and increase future academic and professional success. 


Since the program's inception in 2020, 19/19 of our student-athletes have accepted scholarships to continue their academic and athletic careers at the collegiate level.


(1) Smith, Jason. “Paying to Play: How Much Do Club Sports Cost?” USA TODAY High School Sports, 18 Nov. 2017, https://usatodayhss.com/2017/paying-to-play-how-much-do-club-sports-cost.