Three Keys to Becoming Recruitable: Grades! Grades! Grades! 

At Pittsburgh Hardball Academy, we use the games of baseball and softball as conduits to develop well-rounded young men & women and increase future academic and professional success. A significant focus of our Organization is ensuring our student-athletes are given the tools they need to succeed both on and off the field. 

To do this, we have developed our own curriculum and partnered with like-minded non-profit organizations to provide academic and social enrichment programming to help student-athletes succeed in the classroom and overcome the many modern-day social obstacles that our young people face. 


The ACT and SAT play a huge role in the college application process. However, studies show youth from underrepresented and underserved communities, particularly minorities, face an unfair bias when taking the test. We partner with academic organizations to help combat these biases via ACT/SAT Prep courses.


While our youth are student-athletes today, they are also the region's future business leaders, doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs, etc. Our goal is to expose our student-athletes to a multitude of career paths by visiting companies in the region and shadowing professionals in different industries.


To ensure our youth are aware of the many different types of colleges and universities they can attend, we conduct college tours on a group and individual basis. In addition, we work with partner organizations to ensure our student-athletes are able to attend local college fairs to further increase their awareness.


Paying it forward. We will ensure that our student-athletes learn the importance of giving back to the communities they are from through structured community service projects.


Nearly 25% of Americans have no savings and 40% do not have a budget. These statistics are even worse in underserved and minority communities. Through partner organizations, we provide financial education to our student-athletes and their parents in order to buck this trend and prepare them for a healthier financial life.


Our student-athletes will have access to mentoring via the following channels:

  • Unofficial mentoring from our alumni & college-aged student-athlete-mentors

  • Official mentoring program through partner organizations including Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Pittsburgh


Through partnerships with PAAR and Coaching Boys into Men, we will introduce Sexual Violence prevention and awareness into our programming to provide student-athletes, coaches, and staff with age-appropriate training around Sexual Violence.


Social media has become a major part of all of our lives. While social media has many benefits, there are several pitfalls that can negatively impact quality of life and potential next-level opportunities. Our staff and partner organizations will provide training for our student-athletes on how to avoid these pitfalls and use social media appropriately.

Donations and sponsorships are needed to help subsidize programming for our student-athletes!